Tips On Negotiating With An Insurance Company In A Personal Injury Dispute

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You might find yourself having to negotiate with an insurance claims adjuster after submitting a demand letter regarding your personal injury claim.

To be successful during these negotiations, you should understand the process of arguing the strengths of a claim with an adjuster. If you have any questions on the process, you can discuss them with your personal injury lawyer. You can also consider the following tips:

Have a goal in mind

When you submit a demand letter, you should have a sum in mind that you think would justly compensate you for your injury. Having a goal gives you something to work towards and gives you a point at which you can end negotiations and agree on a settlement figure proposed by your adjuster. 

Make your adjuster explain if an offer is low

Any time an adjuster makes an offer that is below your goal, you should demand a thorough explanation. You should take notes during the adjuster's explanation that will help you argue against his or her points.

Insist that the negotiator be specific. Remember that adjusters will often make an initial low offer simply as a negotiation tactic. 

Capitalize on emotional points

While it's important to lay out the facts of your case, don't neglect to call attention to emotional points.

Explaining your injury in detail and submitting photos showing the severity of an injury can help your argument to evoke a sympathetic response from an adjuster. Don't be afraid to describe in detail how your injury has disrupted your life and caused you to go through feelings such as grief and anxiety. 

You can't put a monetary value on emotional suffering, but these emotional factors are arguably the worst part of going through a personal injury. 

Remember that adjusters will need to justify a claim to their superiors

Your adjuster might be reluctant to agree to the settlement amount specified in your demand letter because he or she would have trouble justifying the expenditure to a superior.

You might have more success negotiating if you subliminally help the adjuster form an argument that will be acceptable to his or her superior. 

Do some research on your insurance company

Insurance companies usually have general tendencies regarding how they handle demand letters. While some might be notorious for avoiding lawsuits, others are not afraid to go to court.

You can use information on an insurance company's past to help further your interests regarding your personal injury claim. For more information, speak with experts like Pressé Mason Barristers.