Five Ways To Prevent Your Dog From Hurting Anyone This Holiday Season

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The holidays are all about getting together with friends and family to enjoy the relaxing holiday. However, there will be nothing relaxing about it if you end up having to deal with your dog hurting somebody. There are many reasons why this could happen. Here are five ways to prevent it:

  1. Keep Your Dog in a Secluded Room: First off, you should keep your dog in a secluded room if you are having guests over who haven't been over before or who do not like dogs. This way, your dog is not provoked to attack. You should not chain your dog, since this can only make them more aggressive should they get loose or become provoked by someone teasing them. Instead, keeping them in a room in which they are comfortable with food, water, and a dog bed is the best option. 
  2. Train Your Dog: You definitely want to consider training your dog to not jump on guests, especially small children. If your dog has this problem, sign them up for classes. This way, you can have guests over without having to lock your dog up every time. 
  3. Keep People Away from Your Dog's Food: If there are children getting near your dog's food, especially while your dog is eating, you need to be sure that you ask them to get away. Dogs easily become aggressive if they feel threatened, especially if they think someone is trying to take their food. 
  4. Supervise Introductions: If there is a new person coming to your home, you should be sure that you supervise their introduction with your dog. This way, if you feel that your dog is getting aggressive, you can remove them right away before someone gets hurt. You can also be sure that the person is not doing anything that could provoke your dog to get upset. 
  5. Don't be Shy: Too often, people are shy to tell people not to do something to their dog. You should be sure that you get comfortable enough not to be too shy. Otherwise, it can become a problem if someone is teasing your dog, getting too close to your dog, and more. If you don't speak up, something terrible could happen either to the person or your dog. 

When you consider these five ways to prevent anyone from becoming injured, you can be sure that you enjoy your holidays without ending up in a dog bite injury case.