Things To Remember When Hiring An Accident Lawyer

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When you are in an accident, there are many different things that you should do, but it can all get a little hazy when there is so much adrenaline in your body. You should first call the authorities, and when asked if you are alright, tell the dispatch that you do not know. The reason that you do not want to say that you are alright is that your body could be seriously injured but the shock and the adrenaline are masking the pain. Once you have called the authorities and filed your claim with your insurance, it is wise to call an auto accident lawyer. Here are a few things to remember after an auto accident and communicating with a lawyer:

The Sooner The Better

If you do not call a lawyer until months after the accident you are going to have a very hard time having anything stand up in court. On the other hand, if the courts can see that you have been working with a lawyer since the accident, you are much more likely to be taken seriously. It is also good to call the lawyer sooner rather than later because all the details of the wreck will be fresh in your mind, and you will be able to convey the information more clearly to your attorney. The attorney will then be much more likely to come up with a good strategy on how to defend your rights.


There are different levels of compensation that you can receive. Your insurance or the insurance of the other driver should cover a great deal of medical costs. You may also have a right to be compensated by your job. If you have received any backlash from your insurance or your job, you definitely need the help of an auto accident attorney. You need to be taken care of in times of crisis, and it is important that you are compensated properly.

First Meeting

When you first meet with your attorney you should bring a medical history, and all of your other job qualifications. It is important for the lawyer to know your past medical conditions just in case an opposing lawyer tries to use your medical history against you. It is important for the lawyer to know your job qualifications and trainings so he or she can pro-actively look into your work compensation package. Do not be worried about the first meeting with your attorney, he or she is on your side. 

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