Understanding Dash Cams And Their Accident Argument Support

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Not all accidents are as obvious as they seem. Some accidents may be caused by weather conditions or other accidents that originally had nothing to do with you, while others may be part of a scam designed to rope you into a shady cash payout on the spot. A dash cam can help you clarify the more ambiguous accidents, and a few dash cam details can help you maximize your recording benefits.

How Does A Dash Cam Work?

A dash camera is more than just a surveillance camera. For most models, the lens has a specific field of view that records most of what can be seen through the windshield and a bit to the sides. This allows a wider coverage of the situation, which can include people hitting you from the side. An ideal, low-cost configuration is to have two cameras with one covering the front and another covering the rear.

Dash cams have their own built-in storage, and benefit from the storage technology used in mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. They can be built into almost any shape and can hold a lot of video information depending on the quality level.

Speaking of quality, decent video quality is fairly low in size. If you want to opt for the highest resolution, you can add external storage from the camera company or make a storage connection with your own storage drives.

The combination of quality, view, and storage can create a great evidence-gathering device in the event of an accident.

What To Do In An Accident With A Dash Cam

After an accident, make sure that you and your passengers are alright, then check on the other party if you're able. Be sure to check your dash cam, but don't draw too much attention to it; if the other party is desperate enough, they may rush to take and destroy your camera.

Do not surrender camera footage to anyone but law enforcement personnel or your own legal representation. If at all possible, make copies of the evidence for yourself and distribute them to people who you can trust. This can make evidence destruction more difficult, and identify desperate actions of guilty parties.

Avoid making the evidence public without legal approval. You could be sued for breach of privacy depending on your state, and it could jeopardize your already legitimate claim. Contact a car accident attorney to understand state specific information about dash cams and video evidence.