No Serious Injuries? 4 Reasons You Still Need An Attorney After A Car Accident

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Car accidents do not always result in serious injuries. In fact, numerous fender benders and other minor accidents happen every day that result in no immediately notable serious injuries at all.

But this information should not result in a lack of attention to the possible legal issues that may arise from even very minor accidents in the weeks or months afterward. If you have just been involved in a seemingly minor traffic accident and you are wavering on whether or not you should consult a personal injury attorney, here are four important reasons why you should go ahead and make that call. 

The development of late whiplash syndrome

Whiplash and other serious neck and spine injuries do not always become apparent immediately after an auto accident. In instances of late whiplash syndrome, symptoms may not surface until weeks later. Without the advice of an attorney, the accident victim may have already signed off on their insurance claim, potentially forfeiting coverage for the medical bills they end up incurring.

Dealing with an uncooperative insurance company

Even if you were fortunate enough to avoid being injured, your car was probably not so lucky. When the insurance company does not seem eager to fix your car completely or to do so within a convenient time frame, contacting a personal injury attorney can provide the guidance and support you need to ensure that the insurance company performs its duties in helping you get your vehicle repaired or replaced in a timely manner. 

Tracking down the other driver 

All too often, a minor traffic accident will involve another driver who is driving without a valid license or proper insurance or who has some other legal issue they are concealing. When this happens, these drivers often seem to vanish, which can make it much more difficult for you and your insurance company to settle the claim. By opting to work with a personal injury attorney, honest drivers are able to more easily get their claims settled satisfactorily than they might on their own. 

Making sure that your settlement is fair

Even though your insurance company is supposed to be working in your best interests, the settlement amounts they offer may be less than they should be. By opting for representation by a reputable personal injury attorney, drivers who have been involved in an accident can more easily negotiate a fair settlement amount. 

Consulting with a car accident attorney immediately after any traffic accident can help you ensure that any damage or injuries you incurred will be promptly and fairly addressed.