How To Pay Your Doctor Bills While Waiting To Settle Your Car Accident Case

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One of the challenges you might face after a car accident is paying for the medical bills that you have from the injuries you incurred. If you have medical bills coming in the mail that you cannot afford to pay out of your pocket, or that you should not have to pay out of your pocket, you might wonder what you should do about them.

Use Your Own Health Insurance Policy

While it might not seem fair for you to have to use your own health insurance policy to pay for medical bills from a car accident that someone else caused, this is often one of the best ways to reduce the amount of money you would have to pay out of your pocket. If your health insurance company is willing to pay the bills, you should let them, as this would allow you to avoid having major bills that you cannot pay. With your own health insurance, you might still encounter small bills or co-pays you must pay, but at least these would be affordable.

You should, however, keep track of all the money you spend out of your pocket for these bills, as well as all the amounts your health insurance policy pays as a result of the injuries you incurred from the accident.

Create an Agreement with Your Providers

Another option you have, which is also very common, is to create an agreement with all your healthcare providers for the bills you owe. This is a great arrangement for those who do not have health insurance or for those who do not want to use their own health insurance policies. With an agreement, your medical providers will agree to hold off on pursuing the debts you owe until you receive the settlement from your case. While it often takes a year or more to settle, your healthcare providers will hold off on collections for your bills if they agree to this type of arrangement, as they will know they will eventually receive the payments they are entitled to.

If you want to use this option, you would need to talk to your lawyer about it, as your lawyer could draw up an agreement to use.

If you do not yet have a lawyer helping you with your case, you should find one soon. You will need a lawyer for help settling your case, and you can learn more by contacting a personal injury law firm in your city.