Accidents And The Side Effects

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Being hurt in a car accident will almost surely affect your life negatively. The degree of impact varies with the seriousness of the wreck and your injuries. All wrecks have side effects and they run the gamut between physical injuries to lost time from work. Each and every form of damage adds up when it comes to determining accident compensation. One side effect of an accident might be the side effects of medication, so read on to find out more about this particular negative aspect of being hurt by a bad driver.

Why Medical Expenses Matter

Your compensation rests on your injuries and the dollar amount of your care. Even if the insurer is paying the costs, the total amount spent on things like hospitalizations and medication influence what you are paid for pain and suffering. That is because large medical expense outlays signal a victim with serious, life-changing injuries. Your personal injury attorney will take a keen interest the dollar amount spent on your care so far. Be sure to keep up with all information, claim forms, receipts, and be ready to provide permission to access medical records.

Pay Attention to Details

Small though it might seem, your prescribed medications play a part in the amount of compensation you are offered and what you are entitled to. Not only does the dollar amount of medications add to the total cost of your medical expenses in general, but the way those medications affect you falls under the category of pain and suffering.

What is Pain and Suffering?

Only by taking legal action against the at-fault driver can you gain compensation for pain and suffering. It's not easy for accident victims to envision how this form of damage is calculated. Pain and suffering is based on two factors:

  1. Your medical expenses. Bad injuries can impact your life negatively in many ways and they are often expensive to treat. High medical bills are used in a calculation to determine your payment for pain and suffering.
  2. Your misery. Coping with the effects of an accident is no picnic. Your medical expenses for a broken arm may be covered but how can you be paid for the pain and discomfort you must endure? You can if you keep up with that pain by writing about it in a pain journal.

Medication Side Effects and Pain and Suffering

Medication can be a life-saver in many cases. It can relieve pain, reduce swelling, fight infection and keep people alive while they regain their health after an injury. Unfortunately, medication can also mean side-effects. As part of the documentation to prove pain and suffering, keep a log of medications you are prescribed and use as a result of the accident. Note the effects the drug has – both negative and positive.

Don't neglect to keep up with this minor but important part of your damages. Speak to a personal injury attorney or a law firm like The Lombardo Law Firm to learn more.