Hiring A Lawyer To Represent You After An Accident On The Job

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Accidents can happen when you work in an industry like construction or on a job site where heavy equipment is used. If you have recently been involved in an accident, the company should take care of things after the accident occurs. If the accident was caused by equipment failure or something out of your control, you should not have to go without pay while you are recovering. Sometimes getting a company to do that takes getting a job site accident lawyer involved in the case on your behalf. 

Accidents And Injuries

When you are injured, most companies will investigate the accident to determine the cause. If machinery failure was a factor in the accident and it was completely out of your control, they will typically cover the cost of your medical needs through workers' compensation insurance. 

If you are out of work for a while because of the accident, you may need more than just medical coverage, and you may need to approach the company about getting paid while you are out. Short or long-term disability coverage is often an option if your employer offers the benefits, but if they are refusing to cover lost work time, you may want to hire a job site accident lawyer to help you navigate the process of recovering damages and lost worktime compensation. 

Finding A Lawyer

When you are ready to talk to a lawyer about the accident and the financial issues that are a result of the work time lost, you need to find one that has experience with job site accidents. It is critical to take all the information and medical records you have with you to the consultation. The job site accident lawyer you are meeting with will go over all the information and determine if you have a strong case. The consultation process is often free and allows the lawyer to look over the case for you. If both parties are comfortable working with each other and the case, the lawyer will move forward on your behalf.   

During the consultation, the job site accident lawyer will go over the process they will use to get you compensation for lost work, damages related to stress and pain, and their fees. In many cases, if you have a strong case, the lawyer will take it on without charging you upfront, but they may still take a percentage of the settlement as payment for the work they do. 

If it is essential that you understand the fee structure so that you are not surprised by the settlement amount once it is paid out.